Tiaa Payne


Here are a few testimonials from families I have helped.


... always had a list of homes for us to look at and she would return phone calls...


Tiaa sold our home and kept us informed throughout the process.


She was professional and answered all our questions and concerns before she listed our home. If I asked her to do something differtent she would explain if it would or would not work. We appreciated her honesty.


Tiaa went out of her way to make sure we could talk when I got off work even though we were in 2 different time zones. She didn't mind working around my busy schedule.


I bought my house over the interent and Tiaa took pictures and sent them to me. She went beyond my expectations.

Gonner Family, Edmond Ok

 Tiaa Helped us sell or home and fina a builder to help us build our dream home. Tiaa has been there for the whole process and took the time to be there for all inspections and walk throughs. 

Ortiz Family, Norman Ok

 Tiaa kept is invloved and informed through the whole selling process. Our 1st Realtor didnt hold any open houses and Tiaa believes in them and SOLD our home during an Open House. 

DH Investments, Norman OK

 I wanted to invest in some homes and Tiaa helped me get that started. She took the time to get me to the right people so I could ask the right questions and now I'm doing what I LOVE. 

Coleman Family, Moore OK

 I like the fact that she has Branded herself, her signs stand out, and are larger than other Realtors so it is easier to spot my home when it came time for showings. 

May Family, Oklahoma City OK

 When it came time to purchase our frist home the process was scary and intimidating, the first Realtor we went through didnt not take the time to listen to our needs and concerns and even got upset when I questioned her choices. Thankfully a friend recommend Tiaa to us and when I say she was a breathe of fresh air I kid you not! Tiaa kept us up to date all all aspects of the process and if we didnt understand something she broke it down in laymans terms. She  definitely knows what shes doing and how to get it done. We are not proud homeowners!